Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This American Life and The Moth Podcast are both great places to hear good, almost always true, stories. Over the last few months, these podcasts have become staples for me. There is little more enthralling to me than hearing a great story.

Primarily, I love hearing these stories because there is a power in the art of telling a good story. As well, I love hearing great stories told because I am a horrible story teller, and I am amazed to listen to such clear, thought provoking, impacting memories shared. The power and sheer awe I have for the art of story telling would only be surpassed by my profound love of music, by a slight margin.

There is little more that I could tell you as a plug for these podcasts. I would encourage you for entertainment, for knowledge, for inspiration to have This American Life and The Moth Podcast to find their way to your mp3 collection/device.

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